11 Best Tours for Families in Bali

Great Activities in Bali for Families

Check out this handpicked selection of the best tours for kids and families in Bali. Most of these activities offer fun and exciting times out in Bali’s sun, surfing the island’s popular waves, or splashing and riding down awesome waterslides at one of Asia’s premier water parks. These aren’t only limited to kids – mum and dad can also join in the fun!

But that’s not all! You can experience what it’s like to be a trapeze artist, zooming through treetops like Tarzan in the central highlands, or trotting along Bali’s exotic coastlines together on horseback. When it’s time to cool down, you can opt for an evening at the theatre which is not only fun but also introduces you to some genuine Balinese culture. You can book your awesome family trip in Bali ahead of time with only a few clicks.

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    Who said water slides are only meant for kids? While the little ones will definitely love Waterbom Bali, mum and dad will find plenty to enjoy too at this 3.8-hectare water park in Kuta. Waterbom has sets of crazy, twisting and zooming water slides – some of which aren’t really suitable for little kids! Those that you can enjoy together are the range of lazy rivers and mini slides, as well as a Euro bungee, and the wet playgrounds where you can team up for water balloon battles. Read More...

    The Bali Safari & Marine Park was designed for families from the start, with tram tours that take you on a comfortably tour throughout the park’s 40 hectares, with brief stops at the different enclosures featuring animals from various continents. Guides provide educational information about each species, such as their origins and natural habitats, while kids will look on with awe whenever a tiger, lion or hippo comes close to the windows. There are also petting zoos and scheduled live shows, in addition to an adjoining theatre space where you can witness Bali Agung, a spectacular act that features live performers in brilliant costumes, with trained animals as part of the cast. Read More...

    The whole family can spend a day out amongst nature while experiencing the thrills of cruising down a lush river gorge in Bali’s central highlands. Kids from 7 years are able to join. Safety briefings are given before you set off, with a full run through of your kit: helmet, life vest, paddle and the inflatable raft. Rafting excursions are led by a professional guide, who will help you navigate through sequences of challenging rapids and slow-paced streams, all while providing insight into local nature, and with occasional sightings of macaques, kingfishers, and squirrels along the river course. Refreshing lunch awaits your whole family at the finish line. Read More...

    While kids love horses, mum and dad can also join in on this fun activity available on one of Bali’s most exotic black sand stretches of coast. Horseback riding along the eastern coast of Saba includes an introductory ride at a stable. Then, when you’ve got a good feel of your riding position and mastered the reins, you’ll be trotting through grassy fields and onto the beach. Total beginners are welcome, with different ponies and horses for different heights and ages, suitable for a day’s outing with the whole family. Read More...

    This 90-minute show is a great evening activity that lets you cool off and unwind. The Devdan Show is held four times weekly at Bali’s Nusa Dua Theatre, right next to The Bay Bali complex of beachfront restaurants, which makes it a great combined stop for the evening. The show highlights ‘Treasures of the Archipelago’, with a backstory based around a magical chest that is filled with various cultural objects from the islands throughout Indonesia. Stunning dance choreography and an interplay of lighting, waterjets and music accompany each episode on the stage. Prepare to be awed by the gravity-defying aerial acrobatics! Advance bookings are highly recommended. Read More...

    This activity off the coast of Tanjung Benoa is a good reason for you to literally get down and get wet. The Seawalker activity enables you to admire the underwater world from up close, even if you or the kids don’t have any diving experience. You can even keep your glasses on while you dive, as specially designed diving helmets are spacious and provide a wide view of the marine life. The 20-minute underwater excursion is supervised by professional divers who assist you throughout the ‘walk’, and you’ll occasionally be handed a bottle filled with fish feed. Be prepared to be delightfully swarmed by schools of colourful tropical fish – and have your unique underwater family photo taken as the exciting view unfolds! Read More...

    A different way to enjoy Bali’s underwater beauty is by scooter – but this scooter has swapped two wheels for propellers! Your whole family can experience the fun and thrills of cruising through underwater gardens, and tandem rides are also possible using these specially designed submersible craft. You don’t even need to have scuba diving skills to enjoy this activity. Kids only need to be 12 years and above to be able to join this activity. With brief introduction, these submersible scooters are considerably safe and easy to steer. Read More...

    Sanur Beach is a popular destination for families, but this activity on the coast lets you enjoy it in a whole different way. Wakeboarding involves body and arm positioning techniques, as well as jumps and landings. Kids, especially active ones, will love this new kind of sport, and parents can also join in as they take turns in entering the water under the guidance of a professional instructor. Read More...

    Surfing is a great pastime for families in Bali, which also provides good bonding opportunities between parents and kids, as they discover new skills in an open and natural environment. With the aid of skilled instructors, you can learn the basics of board riding together, including crucial bits such as ocean awareness and other water safety guidelines. No prior experience is needed for the casually paced beginner courses, and hotel transfers are usually included, adding to the convenience. Read More...

    Head up to the cool highlands of the Bedugul region and experience this unique activity within the Eka Karya Botanic Gardens. The Bali Treetop Adventure Park features a total of nine exciting circuits, comprising zip lines, various rope obstacles and bridges for the kids to practice their balance, and swing through the air like Tarzan, while mum and dad can also have their share of fun through courses that are designed just for adults. All activities are supervised by well-trained staff, and all carabiners and safety gear are international standard. Read More...

    Even if you’re not a staying guest at the Bali Dynasty Resort in Kuta, you and your kids are welcome to try out this exciting activity located within its premises. High Flyers Bali is a trapeze class and magician’s workshop that lets you feel the sensation of flying through the air, with complete safety gear and under the guidance of professionals. Classes are held twice daily in the afternoons, six days a week. When you aren’t flying through the air, you can practice your flips on their bungee trampoline, or join their circus-themed workshops with juggling, diabolo, spinning plates and devil sticks. Read More...

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