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Bali’s spiritual side is almost impossible to miss. Puffs of incense rise from small offerings of flowers in front of homes and business morning and night, centuries-old temples are found scattered throughout urban environments and stunning natural settings, and cultural celebrations are almost always imbued with Hindu practices. Dip into this Indonesian paradise’s spiritual side during your stay for an authentic dose of Balinese living.

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Art, astrology, and religion combine on this immersive tour to the villages of Mas and Batuan. With an experienced guide from EXO Travel to lead you, visit with a Hindu priest for a special blessing, and then take a peek into your future with an astrologer. Admire the ornate architectural features of a temple in Batuan, and browse local handicrafts while you chat with the talented artists who made them. Read More...

Walk anywhere in Bali and you’ll likely see evidence of canang sari, the name given to daily offerings dedicated to the supreme god of Indonesian Hinduism. These tiny baskets crafted from palm leaves are typically filled with red, white, blue, and yellow flowers and paired with aromatic incense when placed outside homes and temples. On this excursion, learn the meaning behind each component of canang sari with a local priest. Create your own offering, participate in a short prayer, and learn how to open your chakra to promote spiritual healing. End with a coconut water purification ritual and then head to a nearby restaurant to recharge with some tasty Indonesian fare. Read More...

Rising up from the northwest corner of Bali’s jungle-draped hills, Mount Batur’s active volcanic crater provides a stunning destination for a day trip out of town. Pair sweeping views of its steep slopes with a trip to the Tirta Empul Temple, where you can take part in a spiritual cleansing ceremony in temple pools before heading to natural hot springs fueled by Batur’s geothermal energy. Relax in the soothing waters, chat about your temple experience, and then head to the Ubud Monkey Forest to rub shoulders with macaques, grabbing a steaming cup of Bali’s favorite coffee luwak on the way.  Read More...

Commune with a temple guardian to gain access to the cave-carved interior of Dalem Pingit Temple on this spiritual excursion that will make you feel a bit like Indiana Jones. Learn about chakra points, take a cleansing dip in the temple’s cascading waterfall, and then head inside for a meditation session inside of a cave. After lunch, stretch your legs with a yoga session or take part in a rhythmic chanting ceremony before you and your private guide head back to town. Read More...

When Julia Roberts visited Bali in the 2010 film adaptation of Eat, Pray, Love, it spawned a migration of inspired travelers looking to have their own special experience. On this private tour, visit traditional villages to sample typical Indonesian dishes, have your fortune read and get tips on leading a happier life by a spiritual leader, and spend plenty of time exploring Bali’s rolling hillsides stepped with terraced rice paddies. Before twilight, swing by the chattering macaques at the monkey forest in Ubud, and then settle in for a sumptuous spread of crispy duck for dinner. Read More...

Get way out of town on this cultural and spiritual immersion day trip to an untouched community deep in the heart of Bali. Travel with a guide from Tour Bali Driver to Tenganan Pegringsingan to find peace among hills covered in rice paddies, pristine beaches far from the tourist track, and quiet village centers. Chat with residents in this frozen-in-time enclave, sample palm wine created on nearby farms, and find out how villagers create everything from home to irrigation systems using simple materials and ingenuity. In the evening, reflect on your visit during a trip to Virgin Beach, where pristine sands welcome crashing waves and plenty of time for peaceful thinking. Read More...

Sometimes, an escape is as much about time as it is about place. Forget about the outside world and dive into Bali’s core on this private 10-day excursion with EXO travel. Kayak through mangrove forests, visit Buddhist monasteries in hilltop settings, dine near waterfalls while sipping from coconuts, and commune with locals on farms that harvest everything from tea to fresh fruit. Lend a helping hand in rice paddies, meditate at mountain temples, and enjoy sunset walks on black sand beaches. If you don’t feel like a new person after an adventure like this, your only other choice might be to move to Bali. Read More...

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